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Well, yesterday was Mother’s Day and I had a very good one. First I was awaken by K. and L. with a very heart felt “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, or as L. said it “HAPPY MUDDERS DAY! MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!” We then all got ready and met my brother and SIL at my second fave restaurant Olive Garden (I just LOVE their Pasta Fagioli and salad). (My first fave restaurant is this local Mexican restaurant, which if anyone knows me knows that I am a sucker for some good authentic spicy Mexican food.) We laughed, we ate, and we laughed some more. Then it was back home where I thought I would take some of my crafting books, nice cold glass of pink lemonade, and go out back and figure out what projects I want to do in the near/far-off future.

In line are the following: RD Home Handbooks Flower Arranging which is pretty much a bible for how to arrange flowers. Not only fresh flowers but gives a very in depth tutorial for how to dry flowers and arranging dry flowers. I got this book years ago and can’t remember where I got it, or even my reason for getting it. I just know that it is one of my favorite “flower” books.

Up next is Nature Crafts for Kids, which I have to say that I think I got it at Goodwill a few years back when it was almost summer time. It has a very cool craft in there for how to make perfume using flowers and leaves. K. is absolutely obsessed with perfume (so much so that I have to take it away from her because the smell from upstairs makes my eyes water). But I thought it would be a fun project for her and I to do.

Now is my most FAVORITE book

and it definetly beats out any book that I currently own or will own in the future. It is McCall’s Sewing Book that……..are ya ready……….my Grandmother gave to me. It is copyrighted in 1968 and is truely a sewing bible in the sense that it gives you EVERY detail from altering you own clothing to making your own pattern to flatter YOUR body. Describes what the sewing tools are, how to use them, fabric and what needle size to use for your fabric, and the list goes on and on and on. Basically if you don’t make the perfect garment for your body after reading this book you might as well just give up.

Another book I’ve been wanting to catch up on is Family Circle’s Country Crafts that I got at a thrift store for $1.00. While I am not a big “country” person in the sense that my kitchen is not decorated with roosters and chickens and I don’t have a horseshoe hanging above my door. I do find things like embroidery, lacey bedspreads, and decorating and filling baskets very up my alley.

This “One-Drawer Book Rack” is very nice and would keep all your cookbooks right at hand (If your like me you keep yours on top of the cupboards so as to not let the children, L. in particular, grab them when your not looking and color, rip, shred, make confetti out of.) Also, you could keep your recipe cards or magazine clippings of recipes or even keep coupons in the drawer.

This hand embroidered pillow I think would make the perfect bridal shower gift or house warming gift for anyone to receive. I love the feminine and handcrafted feel of it. Embroidery is so relaxing (as is knitting and crocheting) and even if you only learn just a couple of basic stitches you can turn anything into a real work of art.

Are you tired of reading this VERY long post yet? No, good, because I got two more books to share with you.

Of course this book EVERY knitter knows about. It is none other than the very famous book Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Knitting. This book is another “bible” that it teaches you EVERYTHING from what needles are good for what yarn, what increases and decreases to use, and even has some really cute projects including a project called “kaleidoscope” which is basically a wrap with very beautifully done entrelac.

Another thing I cant wait to get my needles to work on is the knitting pattern gallery. With so many beautiful stitch patterns it’s hard to chose which one to use.

Last but not least is Ortho’s All About Roses that I got at Sear’s Hardware about 2 years ago for $2.97.

I love this book because it teaches you all you need to know about roses from what the different types of roses their are, how to plant, treat, care, what signs to look for if your roses get “sick”, and even how to arrange them in your garden.

Whew! Okay, now I’m all done sharing with you my Mother’s Day. Hope all you Mother’s, Grandmother’s, and Great Grandmother’s had a very nice and blessed Mother’s Day!


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