Busy weekend

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So it is already Saturday and I have actually been pretty busy. Yesturday I made another Spring Fling bag only this time it was for my Mom. She stopped by today to pick it up and she absolutely loved it. Didn’t get a picture of her with the bag but I did get a picture of the bag right after completion yesturday.

Then today we had to do our usual weekly grocery shopping but before we went to the grocery store we went to this HUGE thrift store that we never think of going to. I got some really awesome things at some really awesome prices. Not joking! Today’s special 50% off color was green and yellow and 2 of my items were marked with a yellow tag. YAY!

First up are these vintage McCalls and Simplicity patterns.

  • McCall’s #7684 copyrighted 1968
  • Simplicity #6047 copyrighted 1973
  • McCall’s #3682 copyrighted 1973 (this one is located in the top right corner and I am in love with the first dress although I would shorten it probably to mid-calf)
  • McCall’s #4177 copyrighted 1974 (very awesome jacket and skirt pattern that I am really looking forward to making)
  • Simplicity #8198 copyrighted 1977 (very cute “granny jammies” as we like to call them)
  • McCall’s #7668 copyrighted 1981 (it reminds me of a cross between a cow girl and a Senorita dress. But yet in some strange way I really think that I could make this work)
  • McCall’s #8652 copyrighted 1983
  • McCall’s #4967 copyrighted 1990

The one copyrighted from 1990 I think I am actually going to decopage it to the top of the new sewing desk that I am (still) working on. But the other patterns have bits and pieces that I can work on. They are all in pretty good shape. They came 4/package and were $1.50/package but had a yellow ticket so I got 8 vintage patterns for $1.50. HA! I was so thrilled when I found these. Also in the picture is this vintage silk scarf that I found for $0.90. (Gosh, I loving being a cheap woman)

Also, I found this really nice still in tack wall hanger for letters and bills.

I don’t know why but I absolutely love it. I just need to find the right spot to hang it up at. I was thinking of taking out “Letters” and “Bills” and change the embroidery to something else. I just love it. You’ll notice on the left side that it lays a little funky but I’m just going to spritz it lightly with water and place a book on top of that part and let it sit over night.

Ok, so last up is this cotton fabric that I found and I almost didn’t get it because I though that the one said $4.00 but it was actually $0.40. The zero is for I guess the department of the store or something else. Not sure what. The other cotton fabric was $0.90 and is actually a pretty nice size. I’m thinking of making something for K. out of it. She LOVES skirts so maybe I’ll try my hand at that.


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Spring Fling The Unexpected

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