The Unexpected

May 27, 2007 at 6:49 pm Leave a comment

So today I went to get my daily coffee fix from the local store up the street. On my way home I past the usual building that never before has been opened. NEVER!!!!! They had SO much stuff outside and what caught my eye was this beautiful vintage avocado green couch. OK, so I didn’t get the couch but I just had to turn around and check out the goods. So with $4.00 (would’ve have been $6.00 and I could have gotten a few more items but DARN MY COFFEE FETISH!) I turned around and went to check out the goods. Boy am I glad that I did. So much vintage items that I wish I had at least $30 bucks on me to buy all the things that I really wanted. But I guess that it goes to show that even with just few bucks you can find some really awesome stuff. I spent and total of $3.75 and it was the BEST $3.75 that I spend. Which I have to say that I am really finding that $0.50 and $0.25 tables are becoming my new best friends.

So I walk around looking at all of these beautiful items and cursing my pocketbook for not being a little bit fuller if you catch my drift. So as I walk to the back of the place I hit the $0.50 table and found these 4 vintage hankies. ($2.00 down, $2.00 left) I was so excited when I found them that I had a hard time picking and choosing which ones I wanted. I went with these four because I love the color red, the pick and blue one reminded me of my Great Grandma Flemming for some reason, the pick floral one I knew K. would absolutely love and the yellow floral one was just saying “Hey, I wanna come too!” I’m a little upset because the pink floral one has yellow staining on it just from sitting there not being used. I’m hoping that when I wash it that it will come out because K. really wants it.

So I walked one and came across the $0.25 table. Awe! I love $0.25 tables. The finds (whether good are bag) are always awesome.

I got these 2 wooden spools ($2.50 down, $1.50 left)

And then I found this vintage fabric just sitting there hiding under all the other treasures. It measures 27″ x 22 3/4″ and I am not quite sure what I’m going to do with it just yet but I have a few ideas. Purse, stuffed animal with cute little button eyes, or maybe an apron. ($2.75 down, $1.25 left)

Then just when I was getting ready to leave thinking that I couldn’t possibly find any good little treasures for $1.25, this fabric practically jumped out at me. Seriously I was hunting/looking at the items on this table and the window above it was opened and this nice warm breeze blew in and blew this fabric right in my face. ($3.75 down, $0.25 left) OK, so don’t mind the fact the it is in desperate need of a good pressing but hey, I couldn’t wait to come home and snap pics of my new treasures.

Also, it gives tips for cutting it out, and adding fabric paint to inhance the look of it. K. has a couple of shirts that she had gotten stuff on and are stained so I’m thinking of using these little appliques to apply them to her shirt to cover up the stains.


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Busy weekend Jumper for L.

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