Jumper for L.

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*Sigh!* It’s finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but I was about ready to throw my freakin’ sewing machine (aka Lola as L. had called her) out the freakin’ window and then go down and beat it with a bat. But instead I asked L. to tell Lola to behave and L. yelled at Lola “Lola, be nice for my Mama” and Lola finally listened.
I was doing up some laundry yesturday and came across one of L.’s jumpers that we had got for her a while back from Wal-Mart.
My brain started cranking, the hamster was back on the wheel, light bulb went off and I decided to draft up a pattern for L. using this jumper and make her a “pretty dressy”. So after figuring out seam allowance (I usually always use 1/2 inch) drawing, cutting, picking fabric. I finally got started on her dress. I sewed it together last night and had to take it in a little bit on the sides and hemmed it up. Today (while L. was watching E.T. and was being SUPER good for me) I placed on the applique, did up the pocket, made a yo-yo and sewed buttons on it. I’m THRILLED with how it turned out considering that I didn’t go from any exact pattern and just went by tracing a $4.98 jumper. L. is in absolute love with it and kept asking me “When it done?”
Giving you a little detail of everything (that was completely done as I went with a “Sure why not that’ll look good!” attitude.)
The front of the dress with a little “goodie pocket” as L. calls it. I’m going to get some bias tape and stitch it around the collar and the sleeve edge just to give a little contrast (and cover up the part where all a sudden Lola decided to break the thread AS I was stitching).

Back of the dress:

Applique detail (which I just LOVE LOVE LOVE applique. It makes everything look more put together)

L.’s “goodie pocket”:

Which, when you are working with a 2 yr old standing over your shoulder asking “Are you done yet? Can I wear my dressy now?” (I swear I don’t know how I work in these conditions I tell ya.) You kinda, sorda just a little bit put the yo-yo off center. But I evened (sp?) it all out with the 2 little heart buttons that I took off a blouse of L.’s that don’t fit her anymore.

L. is in complete LOVE with her dress and is still wearing now as we speak. Of course though I had to have her take it off so we could eat lunch. Yes, I worked hard on it and was not ready for her to get mustard on it just yet.

Next up, is this twirly skirt I found yesturday that I REALLY REALLY want to make for K. I know for a fact that she will just LOVE it. But I’m not going to work on it while she’s around. It’s (hopefully if I can get it all done in time and have enough of the fabric left that I want to use) 4 days left until her last day of school and I want it to be a surprise for her. Sorda as a “Hey, you did SUCH excellent work this past school year and here is a reward for ALL your hard effort!” Trust me, K. is my einstein child. She is an excellent reader (she’s in first grade and reads on a third/fourth grade level) and always excells in ALL of her school work. Her teacher knows that she can give K. school work to do and K. will do it all on her own. I’m SO proud of her! Ok, so now that I’m getting a little teary eyed, I’m done being a conceited Mother.

Hope everyone is having an excellent week and getting ready for summer vacation!


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