I can’t STOP SEWING!!!!!!!!

June 6, 2007 at 1:08 am Leave a comment

Goodness gracious, someone PLEASE take my sewing machine away. I CAN’T STOP SEWING! Ok, so not that it’s a bad thing but in my sleep I’m hearing Lola (aka my sewing machine which L. decided to name Lola after the show Charlie and Lola on Disney) going “AAAnnngie, come to me, you NEED me!” in it’s demon voice.

Sunday night I made myself my very own purse. It’s MINE! ALL MINE! I tell ya. Sorry but I’m just WAAAAAY to in love with it to part with it yet. It even sits next to me when I watch my crafting shows. (No really it does, L. and K. both LOVE to dig through my purse and get out my lipstick, pens, lotion, my driver’s license’s, and um, even the unmentionable that ALL woman carry in their purse.)

It is made from the vintage fabric I got at the garage sale a week or two ago and some red fabric for the lining. The yellow button I got at Walmart and the pocket on the inside is the same fabric as the outer of the bag. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! We went out the other day and I said to James “Oh, it’s my bags first day out on the town” in my excited voice that he knows oh so well. He just looked at me like I was crazy.

Then today was K.’s last day of school so I whipped up this little tote for her teacher. The pic for some reason makes it look so big but its really not. Her teacher LOVED it.

Detail of the applique and embroidery which is mixed with a couching stitch, back stitch and a lazy daisy stitch for the “C” and the “R”.

Then about an hour ago I was going through my scraps and found this that I cut off of one of K.’s old overalls from when she was 1. So for some reason it was just screaming at me “Make me into a bracelet! I promise I’ll be pretty!” I had to cut off about 2 inches in the middle to fit on my wrist and then hand sewed them together. Then just a simple blanket stitch and some french knots in between the blanket stitches and attached buttons out of my stash.

(mini tutorial for the femine cufflet can be found on my flickr pic.)

The khaki and brown button I got at Walmart a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago and the green flower button is from the same overall set that I just sliced off with my good friend the seam ripper.

Now my mind is racing of what to make next. I have some fabric upstairs that is just knocking at the door asking me to come play with it. hhhmmmmm…………………..not sure what I want to make next though. I’m sorda burned out of making purses (for now, even though 2 of my friends want me to make them some). I’m thinking of making a skirt for K. and something for James since he has to put up with my excitedness when I complete a project.

ETA: In the pic with me sporting my new bracelet, please take note of my fancy manicure. I gave myself a mani/pedi today which I do on a regular bases (mostly for maintenance and up keep) but NEVER do I paint my nails (ok so I paint my toenails, even in the winter, but I NEVER paint my finger nails just because with 2 active girls, my nail polish seems to never last more than 5 minutes after completetion. But today I was feeling pretty so I decided to paint my nails. Now I have that song that Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson sing in the movie Anger Management. I feel pretty, oh so pretty!)


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K.’s purse feminine cufflet ~ tutorial

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