Christmas in July (ok so June)

June 10, 2007 at 4:18 pm Leave a comment

Ya know, I never understood the phrase “Christmas in July” until I started crafting and now I know what it means. You are off seasons. In the spring and summer time you work on all your Fall and Christmas crafts and in the winter you work on all your spring and summer crafts.

Being that we are only on 1 income we really don’t have a bunch of $$$ sometimes so I thought that this year I would save us some cha-ching and try to make everyone’s gifts. I have already made a scarf for my SIL and am going to make her a purse (she is a purse junkie just like me). My Dad is a huge Harley Davidson fan and I’m going to make him a t-shirt quilt out of a bunch of Harley Davidson shirts and also this “Helmet Hat” that he can wear when he rides his motorcycle in the cold (yes he rides his motorcycle until it snows and he goes all over the US on his bike and sometimes the wind gets pretty chilly especially at night), my MIL loves the color purple and I found a pattern in my book Afghans by the Pound that I know she’ll love. She’s been wanting a nice afghan for sometime now so when she reads she can get nice and cozy.

Well, yesterday I was going through my scraps and I kept coming across this piece of red cotton that I have, so I grabbed it and my embroidery hoop and was just going to practice some stitches until the light bulb in my head went off and thought “Hhmmm, I bet I could make a snowman and some other stuff on it” My Mom absolutely LOVES snowman and she decorates her whole entire house in snowman at Christmas time. My brother and I joke and say that it looks like Frosty exploded and this is the aftermath.

This is how much I got done while my girls and I were outside:

and then I was able to get alot more done last night after everyone went to bed and it was just me, my embroidery, a cup of tea, and the movie You, Me, and Dupree. Which I have to say that I wasn’t to impressed with the movie. But I digress.

I’m going to finish putting snow along the bottom and K. says that I should give the snowman a little tophat. Then I’m going to put little snowflakes around the top of it to make it look like its snowing. I have to fix the “S” because it didn’t come out that great. I did this all freehand with no pattern on it, nor did I draw it out before hand. I just sorda went with the flow. When it’s all finished I’m going to find some Christmas-y ribbon and fabric and make it into a little sachet for her to hang on the mantle or anywhere else she can find room.

So basically from now until Christmas time I won’t be doing anything else other than making gifts for everyone which is fine because I love making things for other people. It gives me a sense of gratitude when I give someone something and they 1. can’t believe I made it but 2. they love the fact that I took time to make them something.


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