A new chapter!

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Well, we started packing and moving and got all my wall hangings and some of my knick knacks down at our new house. I’m actually being really optimistic about all of this and have a good feeling. We went down this past weekend and I was able to snap a couple of pictures. Just a few of the girls playing in the living room. They love the little “stage” on the steps and kept doing a little princess wave as they were coming down.

Our New Home!!!

She just looks so beautiful sitting in the bay window.

Our New Home!!!

And if you notice, that is a playground across the street from us. It’s a quiet neighborhood and have already made cahoots with the neighbors, explaining to me that everyone on the street is so nice and if we ever need anything to just give a hollar. hhmmmm…..wonder if that entitles me to asking if someone can help me figure out some knitting stitch, or asking if they can help me cut out some fabric, probably not.

And speaking of moving and our new home, I won’t be crafting this week. I took down some of my craft things this past weekend and got the rest all packed up and ready to go down tonight. *sob sob* I did however keep my knit/crochet bag from going in the box so I can keep busy with that tonight which is good because I need to get some knitting done. I’ve been wanting to make the girls some hats for this upcoming winter and have already made K. one but didn’t know it was in her hamper when she brought down the clothes to me and it accidently got washed. Which wouldn’t have been a big deal except that it’s wool which means that the hat that use to fit my 7 yr old now fits a newborn baby. (On a side note, I was getting dinner ready and wanted to get her load of clothes in. I ALWAYS check the laundry before I throw it in, but apparently I should’ve checked this load.)

Packed up and ready to go!

Packed up and ready to go!

On the up side, I will finally be able to hang up things and have a “project wall” instead of a “project plastic shopping bag”. I will finally be able to let a project go and not have to clean it up for dinner. I will finally be able to close the door and “ignore” the mess from time to time.

The girls are really excited about moving because they are going to have a HUGE backyard. There is a place in another town that has beautiful wooden gazebos (sp?) and gorgeous playsets for kids. They have one that is a ship (or as my girls call it “Peter Pan ship”) and it has swings, climbing ropes, and all other fun things for kids. So we are hoping by spring (because it’s not something you can just go and pick up at your local Wally World) that we will have enough $$$ saved up to get the girls a nice “Peter Pan” ship.


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