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October 22, 2007 at 3:31 pm Leave a comment

This weekend we were able to finish up our old house and get everything cleaned. It feels good to be done with our old house and now focus on our new home. Between cleaning, throwing out the garbage, and everything else that was hectic this weekend, I was able to get a little (just a little bit) done in my craft room.

I’ve hung up a clothes pin line for a place for my patterns and other what nots that I will be using or plan on using in the near future. And of course some pictures of the girls and 1 picture that K. made me.

Project Wall
Then I found my butterfly hook thingy from our old house that we used to hang our keys on and since we don’t use it down here, I figured I would put it up in my craft room and use it to hang my knitting bag on. I’m still trying to organize the book shelf and the basket on it is empty but I think I’m going to put my embroider stuff in it. Not sure yet.
Knitting basket and shelf
And then last but not least, I was able to organized my sewing table based on items that I use everytime I sew. Scissors, straight pins, threads and bobbins, etc.
Sewing table
The room is so far away from what I want for it but for now, I’ll just take it as I can. In time though it’ll all be the way I want it. In the meantime, I’ll keep browsing the Craft Rooms Flickr group to get ideas and inspiration from.

Entry filed under: my craft room.

Today Crochet Pouch

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