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Well, to start off, it is really super cold here right now. 38 degrees to be exact. Luckily though I am almost complete with L.’s scarf (that is taking me forever to make because I am a slow knitter). I’m at the part where I am going to switch colors (again) and work for a few rows, then back to the purple, then CAST-OFF! It’s a beautiful scarf pattern and really easy to master, just seems like it’s taking me forever to make. The pattern is from and is the Shimmer Chevron Scarf. I just used some yarn (purple per the request of L.) from my stash and was planning on only using one color until I realized that you couldn’t really see the stitch definition that well and switched to another color (also from said stash). Poor L. keeps asking me when it’s going to be done. “I’m knitting as fast as I can Captain!”

Last week I placed an order with KnitPicks for the first time. I don’t know why I waited so long, it is an amazing shop and the yarn is super cheap. I just went there on a whim to browse (and drool) over some yarn and they ended up having a yarn sale. Couldn’t resist and I had to purchase. Especially since I have a few projects to complete and not the right yarn colors to go with them.

Anyways, the things I ordered last week arrived yesterday and I felt like a little kid on Christmas opening up my package.

I wanted to get some yarn for the girls to make them winter hats. The purple (Crocus) is their shine sport weight and the pink (Blush), greyish looking one (Sea Spray), and green (Grass) are their shine worsted weight yarns. Then I ordered Dancing which I believe the color is Rumba. They are all out of it now. The color is absolutely beautiful! Not sure what I’m going to make of it yet but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (I have 2 skeins of it). I also ordered the book One Skein by Leigh Radford and am already finding myself drooling over some of the patterns. They are all absolutely beautiful! In there is a pattern for a crocheted bath rug that I think might be the first project I make from the book. (We really need one in the upstairs bathroom.)

Another thing that I did yesterday was update my Ravelry account. I got an invite back at the beginning of the summer but am just now getting around to updating it. It took me a while to figure everything out, but let me tell you, it is addicting. Between oogling over everyone else’s stash and browsing the patterns, I could easily spend all day on there. There is alot of gorgeous handspun yarn on there that I would love to get my hands on. I’ve never purchased/used handspun before and from what I hear it is completely different than knitting with store bought yarn.

Now, saving the best for last (and trust me, you’ll love hearing this) we got K.’s report card this past Friday and I am very VERY proud to inform you that my daughter got straight A’s!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so she only got 1 S (they have a different grading scale and it’s A, S (which means satisfactory), U (which means unsatisfactory), and I (which means incomplete) but the S that she got was in Physical Ed (which is basically gym class) and let’s face it, she gets her coordination from her Mother (I always hated dodge ball and don’t even ask about the time my mother thought it would be fun for me to join a softball team when I was 11, disaster I tell ya! I guess we could all agree that I am more of a piano, played for 11years, crafting type of person.) I am SO proud of K. and all her hard work she does. Not to be a conceited Mother or anything but they have library on Mondays and she reads her book on the bus on the way home and got it completed last night. She loves school, loves to read, and will even have me write out math problems for her so she “has something to do”. The girl can not get enough of school and gets upset when she is sick and can’t go to school. I love you K. and am very proud of you!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great upcoming week. Not going to be blogging that much this week, have a few projects I need to get caught up on and also have an swap (via that I need to put the finishing touches on.


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Happy November! L.’s scarf is done!

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