Confessions of Motherhood

November 24, 2008 at 12:27 am Leave a comment

Yes, I need to confess.  Something that actually happened back at the beginning of summer.  See, when we first moved into this house, I was to have my own craft room.  Down in the basement, not a big deal, not a finished basement but I could make do.  Then when we moved into the house, the basement felt cold, damp (literally), and creepy.  James was worried that all my fabric and yarn would get mold on it.  I still shutter at the fact of going down there with spiders waiting at the bottom of the steps for me. 

So, we decided that since the room that was K.’s was plenty big enough (her room is bigger than ours), that her and L. could share a room.  After all they are 1. sisters and 2. we were going to get them bunk beds.  This lasted from the time we moved in, till about 2 weeks after summer vacation hit.  The weekly argument of “I don’t want your baby toys on my side of the room” “Why do I need a Miley Cyrus poster in my room, I don’t even like her” (consider yourself very lucky if you don’t know who she is) got a little more than I could handle.  Plus K. is at that age where privacy is a major issue.

I finally caved and said that enough was enough and moved L. out of K.’s room.  Plus it didn’t help that I felt guilty of having my very own space and L. was being kicked out of her room any chance K. got.  Well, when you live in a 3 bedroom house, there is only one spot for my little babe to move into.  Yes, I lost my craft room.  James and I’s room is plenty big enough that I moved my craft books, fabric, and yarn into there.  As for the rest of my stuff, luckily we have a big enough hallway (we consider it a room) that I moved my sewing desk out there.  Plus, any time that I really do want to knit, I’m always on the couch or outside, or anywhere besides my “craft room” so really, it was just my fabric, yarn, and books that were taking up so much damn space.

Scene from this evening after a desperate cry to my Mom to help me cut fabric and get (semi) caught up on my crafting “to-do” list.

At first it took some getting use to, not being able to sew after everyone went to bed.  Having to clean up any mess I make and not being able to leave projects out.  But now, it has made me become more organized and useful of the spaces around us.  Trust me, I miss having my own space, and while I thought that the new arrangement would stop the argueing, it hasn’t (eh, their sisters, and while they will fight, they will always love and support each other).  But now I fell into a system that seems to work just fine for us.


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