Just keep knitting….just keep knitting

May 21, 2009 at 10:27 pm 1 comment

Lately it’s been kids crafts, squeezing in sewing when I can, and lots of outside play.  A little bit of knitting here and there to keep me busy, but nothing special to blog about.

Awhile ago I had posted about this sweater I wanted to make by CosmicPluto and had started on it (oh back in the beginning of April maybe).


Here it is now the end of May and I’m picking it up again.  The reason, my wrist was killing me for days back in April.  I’m a thrower and when I knit, I don’t let go of my right hand needle to “throw” the yarn around the needle.  Instead, I put my needle at a 90 degree angle to my left needle and wrap the yarn around – in a fast motion I might add.  I can’t explain it correctly but have been trying to learn how to knit continental style.  While my sweater is a little further along than pictured above, it is still no where near being half way complete.  Soon as I can get my gauge right with continental style (can’t purl worth shit that way), I’ll start knitting again.


On a completely off topic subject, today James and I watched the show NCIS.  I’ve watched it a time or two before, but mostly stick with Law & Order (all of them) or CSI. 

This particular episode was about some Navy guy that was mummified and yada yada yada, anyways, the female character that had assisted in the murder was from Canton, Ohio (which is my hometown).  Apparently, in the show, she had won the lottery and that’s how she had all this money. 

What James and I thought was so funny was that she had said she had an article in the Canton Gazette for winning the lottery.  Um, there is no Canton Gazette, a Canton Repository, yes, but no Canton Gazette.  Why James and I thought this was funny, well, first of all, the only time Canton is ever mentioned on national TV is for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, that’s it.  The closest Canton ever came to being mentioned is Akron (on Gilmore Girls that I know of, Richard was on a business trip there) which is about 20-35 minute drive, depending on where you live in Canton.

Do TV shows just throw a dart at a map and say “Yep! That’s the town we’ll go with!”?

Eh! So I thought it was interesting, continue on with your day!

Hope everyone has a very blessed weekend!!


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completely random yellows and purples

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  • 1. Lisa  |  May 30, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    I like the color of the sweater. It’s pretty. I think you are right about the dart throwing! LOL.


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