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This love I have for coffee has turned into more of a childish obsession. When my brother and I get together there is always coffee in tow with both of us. And as my brother says “Cold coffee is still good coffee” as he sipped the last little bit from his travel mug.

But I on the other hand cannot take cold coffee. The point of coffee is to sip it slowly, let the aroma travel through your nose, feel the hot steam on your lips, and simply enjoy it. Not to make coffee in the french press and have a contest on whether you can drink it fast enough before it turns cold.

So after much (still good coffee) was tossed in the sink, I had enough. And luckily enough it was pretty easy to find a french press cozy pattern as I seem to not be the only knitter who enjoys a good cup of french press joe.

I used the pattern from Design Sponge as a jumping off point. CO 60 sts on size 5 needles and WW yarn then worked a 5 stitch wide by 5 rows high basketweave pattern. Worked for 45 rows in basketweave stitch. But unfortunately, the cozy was a bit too small width wise to fit my 8 Cup Bodum French Press coffee maker. Which was fine because I did not account for buttonholes along the way. So I added a few rows of single crochet to each side with one side including button holes. Blocked it, wrapped up in towel to remove excess water, stitched on 3 mismatched vintage buttons from stash, then while it was still wet I placed it on Frenchy, that way as it dried it would be the perfect fit.

Pattern: Knitted French Press Cozy by Design Sponge (rav link here) with much modification
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease in Blush Heather (left over from Miss K’s fair isle hat)
Needles: Size 5
Mods: Besides the obvious of using a 5 stitch wide by 5 rows high basket weave pattern, I also had to work till I reached 45 rows rather than 32 rows as Design Sponge’s pattern stated. Worked 4 rows of single crochet along each edge using a size G crochet hook with one edge having buttonholes placed evenly (almost).
Overall: LOVE IT!!! James thinks it quirky that I made my french press a “sweater” but it does keep the coffee nice and warm – I will say warm, that last cup isn’t as hot as the first cup but it’s still nice.

Now after browsing Bodum’s website, I am coveting this here.


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