thrifting thursday and my poor attempt at math

February 26, 2010 at 12:00 am Leave a comment

Finally getting around to post the little bit of my latest thrifting finds. Nothing much (keep missing those half off days because of a hectic life) but I love them so much.

The most awesomest metal tin, handmade apron, and vintage Avon dish. The Avon dish is now our new soap dish at the kitchen sink (in case you wanted to sleep better at night knowing what I do with my thrifting finds sometimes).

Then the “piece de resistance” are these !!awesome!! crafting/sewing books I found in beautiful condition.

The Bazaar Handbook with some of the coolest and funkiest projects in it. The girls and I flipped through it one night and sticky posted some projects that we can work on together. The cat and dog pillows in the picture above being one of them. Of course Miss L. wants to figure out a way how to turn the cat into a bunny.

Books 1 thru 10 of Stitch by Stitch. I have not actually had the time to sit down and thoroughly go through these but just going based off the covers and a quick flip through, there are some fun projects in here (and some that you couldn’t even pay me in yarn to make). Book 3 has paper patterns for skirts, blouses, and who knows what else. I cannot wait to actually sit down and hopefully work on a handmade Spring/Summer wardrobe for myself (of course altering things for the girlies as well).

And on a complete side note, I have been 100% inspired by her “Zimmermann Year” and figured it was high time I get over my fear of “pithy” directions and being math disabled. As I said, I fell in love last year with EZ and Meg during a family flu fest when we all had our own spots in the house and none of us wanted to be bothered by another. Of course with a delirious fever, all of EZ’s knitting techniques looked easy and the math looked like something kindergartens do. But I know that EZ would not let any knitters down and so I am starting out small (chicken) and making a cardigan (hopefully, or I could just felt it and cut it up for coasters) for the smallest babe in the house.

Of course I am not a “true” EZ knitter because steeking scares me right now. So I am knitting back and forth for mind numbing stockinette. The body is done and set aside and a sleeve is half done. The best part, I still have time to figure out what exactly I want to do with the yoke. There are so many directions I can take this in such as straight garter stitch, a fun lacy affect, cabling, and the list goes on.


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reason #259 of why I wish I was a kid patience is a virtue

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