purple haze

March 15, 2010 at 7:19 pm Leave a comment

This weather has been funky! Last week beautiful, Spring-y, warm, and bike riding. This week, rained all weekend long and is a high of 40 and hazey, very hazey. But it is the perfect weather for a handknit cardigan made especially for my purple loving little babe.

(she just can’t resist her funny faces)

Pattern: Seamless Raglan Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Source: Knitting Workshop (along with the video that was really helpful considering it has been a while since my last bottom’s up sweater – really need to rent the DVD from the library again, I love the way she carries herself and speaks about knitting)
Yarn: The beautiful and softest wool that also goes by Malabrigo Worsted in Holly Hock
Skeins: 2 full skeins for the body and sleeves, part of skein #3 for the remaining of the yoke and button band
Started: February 14, 2010 (when we had 3 feet of snow on the ground)
Finished: March 13, 2010 (no snow, but a lot of mud and rain)
Mods: Not a sweater, obviously. No steeking as I am not ready for that. So I worked back and forth knitting and purling and got this cardigan done in just under a month.
Notes: Loooooove this sweater. Buttons are from my Grandma that she sent my way after cleaning out her sewing room. And the upside, I purchased 5 skeins of Malabrigo not knowing exactly how much yarn I was going to use for the sweater, so I have plenty left for a few more EZ patterns……woohoo! Also, my first time working with Malabrigo and I now know why the group is called Malabrigo Junkies. This stuff is freakin’ awesome with a cherry on top! Blocks beautifully and smells wonderful when washed in Eucalan Lavender.

And the hat……that was “made” by Miss L. herself. A while ago I had given her this drawstring bag (which now that I read that post, I see that I should have stuck with making it a hat). Well, she came out of her room one day and asked if I wanted to see what she made. “Of course” I said. And she whips out this little thing. She took out the drawstring out, placed it on her head, and calls it a hat. It does actually fit her and gets more use as a hat than a drawstring bag. Good work Spiderman! Good work!

(she calls this one her “Spiderman” pose)



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patience is a virtue i love other crafters!

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