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I love green! I have 3 favorite colors of mine: green, yellow, and red. In that order too, but not together since I have this thing against looking like this guy here and I only wear green and red together during Christmas. So my three favorite colors are kept apart (except for green and yellow) for the sake of me looking like a bungling Christmas Clown. Though now looking at this project here, I see I just contradicted myself. 

Enough garrulous……get to the point!

So I was on the verge of frogging these socks because they had sat around for so long, because I have this thing of frogging socks that have sat around for too long. But a friend of mine saved my (almost done I should mention) toe up two at a time socks from being ripped out and suggested that I make anklets instead.

So I took her suggestion, came home, and knitted 5 rows of 1 x 1 ribbing and viola! Just like that I had two completed socks. Add that one to the FO pile!!

Pattern: Serpentine Socks by Wendy Johnson (ravelry link) from the book Socks from the Toe Up – Errata available on Ravelry and through
Yarn: Knit Picks Shine Sport in Leapfrog (Used 1 whole and part or two of another skein)
Mods: My gauge was 1 st less than the intended gauge for the pattern so I went with the size small pattern on size 2.75 needles. Also, because I’m inept to reading directions correctly, I completely messed up the gusset heel and instead went with a garter stitch short row heel. Also, after working the heel and returning to all of the stitches, I worked one more pattern repeat then 10 (maybe 5 rows now that I think of it) of 1 x 1 ribbing. Finally I used the sewn bind off which is now my favorite for toe up socks. Looks a little wonky when the socks aren’t in wear but looks fabulous when they are.
Notes: I cannot take pictures of my own feet to save my life. On the bonus side, the stitch pattern looks like a cable pattern but is done with a series of increases and decreases.

Another green project that is on my needles right now is a shawl. Now usually this time of year I start planning out Winter knitting.

As EZ says:

“when snow flies and small frozen hands beg for warmth (sob),
the actual knitting tends to be perfunctory and possibly scamped.”
(Knitter’s Almanac)

While I do have a few projects already picked out for the girls, I figured I would cast on (ahem! sneak in) one my project for myself (because I am selfish sometimes with my knitting).

(why yes! my color is way off on my camera!)

There is one project that keeps popping up everytime I log into Ravelry. In faves, friend’s faves, FO section, etc. After I had seen the umpteenth one, I could not help myself and casted on right away. That project is Citron by Hilary Smith Callis (ravel it!) that is offered free on Knitty! Crazy simple to execute, works up suprisingly fast, and is a mindless knit. Mine would have been done by now but after browsing a bunch of the finished projects I realized that I wanted mine longer as well. So I am at the beginning of my 6th repeat and still have 1 more repeat to do then I’ll finish it.

Check out these two that are my favorites! here and here


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