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July 15, 2010 at 7:34 pm 2 comments

Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crisis” ~ Elizabeth Zimmermann~

I find myself reaching for my needles whenever I can find time or need to unwind from the stress with the click click sound. Finding little, small, moments when it is just me, my needles, and EZ’s motto.

(how my nightly scenes usually look……college textbook, EZ by my side, laptop going, ceiling fan humming, and a WIP)

And so that is what I have been doing. Through the stress of school, I read a bit then knit a bit then read a bit then knit a bit. Take breaks from reading to pop into Ravelry and help organize their patterns (read: to try and win an awesome prize) and take a break from knitting to read the works of Jane Austen, Lorraine Hansberry, and to better understand Salvador Dali.

So I have 1 project almost an FO, 4 projects that are WIPs, and 1 FO.

(ugh! I felt so dirty! We spent the whole day at our town carnival…..only to come home in a cotton candy, carny fries, lemonade sticky mess)

Pattern: Neck Warmer Hat by Elissa Sugishita
Source: Knitted Gifts
Yarn: 1.5 balls Rowan Tapestry
Mods: Knit ribbing on size 6 needles
Overall: This thing is huuuge! Even on my big brain holder! But I keep telling myself that it is also a neck warmer thingy. The two ways shown are how I will wear it the most. Will be perfect once this Summer humidity goes away and my favorite season returns.

And I have plans…….big knitting plans………for 2 very special people in my life. One is on the waits of being born towards the end of this year and the other is carrying the one waiting to be born. And if all goes well, I will have 1 very warm neice/nephew and one beautifully wrapped sister in law.

On a side note: I 100% completely suggest you look into two things if you find some time. The first are the Guerrilla Girls and their voice for the female art community. The second is a documentary entitled Who Does She Think She Is? about it being okay for women to be a mother (or not be a mother) and follow their own aspirations. 


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green with envy EZ heart hat….take 1

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  • 1. belle  |  August 26, 2010 at 7:53 am

    you look lovely! I didint realize you were taking classes…how exciting and amazing. I always loved the Guerrilla Girls when I was studing art the traditional way but have not thought of them in years , I must reconnect!!!! I always think of you and applesauce when it turns fall( in other places not here). Hope you are having a lovely one

  • 2. Sabrina  |  October 11, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    Hi there, how are you? Long time not see! Glad to see that everythign is going well for u!

    I love this pattern! It’s on my list of things to knit.
    Question, Is it comfortable?


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