winter blahs

February 12, 2011 at 7:11 pm Leave a comment

This weather is really taking a toll on me.

I was fine with winter, the snow, and of course the season of wool meaning that all my favorite handknitted items were placed on the girls, James, and I. Smiling as my girls bickered in the morning over who gets to wear what Mama Made hat to school (all hand knitted items have become “grab bag” style, whoever wants to wear it can wear it….unless its James…..he likes black….uck!)

Then the ice storm came last week, which knocked out our power and left us with hats, scarves, sweaters, and slippers wearing indoors. INDOORS!!

As I was leaving my mother-in-law’s house, ensuring she was okay with no power, I slipped and fell right on my arse. It was at this point that I told winter to f**k off! And that I wasn’t going to let him get the best of me. So I matched my knitting to the weather outside….gray.

My opinion was that a nice gray wool shawl was in order to combat the winter blahs. The pattern, textured shawl recipe, is a dream to knit! The textured stitch is soothing to the angst of waiting for Spring to arrive. Hand knitted in Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted that was recently purchased from my LYS on size 10 needles and it makes for a pretty quick project. All other notes on my Ravelry page. I should mention that not only is Lanaloft a very nice yarn to knit with, it blocks and washes really well (and smells really sheepy too….I love that smell!).

In other winter blah news…

I have been dreaming of Spring time hairstyles. You know, the types of hairstyle that don’t get smooshed or messed up by a hat.

Baby girl and I have opted for anything involving braids. Hers was done by simply dividing the hair into four sections, braiding each section, then bringing them all to the back and using bobby pins to hold in place. Mine was done by simply parting my hair on the side, french braiding it down to the nape of the neck and placing that in a ponytail. The rest of my hair was brought over to the side and placed in a ponytail with the first ponytail only using a second ponytail holder so the braid doesn’t come out. Used bobby pins to pin the hair up in a messy sort of style (still need to work on that part).

I think I can get through the rest of this winter……with more knitting and more Spring time hairstyles of course!


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