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So much good stuff has been happening around here.

For a few years now, I have been wanting to start my own garden. But I was…..(ahem)……..too chicken! So this year, after a neighbor gave me a tomato plant, I decided I would start a very small container style garden because I do not really have the space for an actual garden.

Above is my small, low-to-no cost, did all the work myself, container garden. I say low-to-no cost because the tomato plants came from a neighbor/friends garden (this is their first year gardening and the husband/wife duo put in too much because they thought only half of it would sprout up).

The lattice is in place to keep out my pesky pup who loves to run through bushes and anything else that looks of importance in the yard. I found the lattice (for free!!) in our garage and supported it with (again free!!) bricks that the girls and I gathered around the yard. The “piece de resistance” in my garden is the beautiful concrete block(s) that I found underneath our porch. After cleaning it off, I could not believe how beautiful it is.

In my garden there is:

*the girls’ chamomile sitting atop the beautiful found-under-the-porch concrete block which also acts as the main support in holding the lattice in place

*my beautiful tomatoes

*a baby tomato that I discovered yesterday

*2 hot pepper plants

*sugar peas

*okra – which I am interested in trying. I have never had okra before but my Dad (who is from the south) says its delicious

*onion (the veteran gardening neighbor said to set the bulb half way into the ground, but I don’t think I did mine far enough. However, it is growing beautifully and managed to “bury” itself into place so to speak. The above photo is from a few weeks ago.)

And lastly, my very favorite flower:


If you take a look at this post here, you will see that last year I had 1 sunflower plant.  My veteran gardening neighbor also has these same sunflowers….but thanks to a little birdie who is careless with her seed collection, managed to drop a seed my way and gave me 1 beautiful sunflower last year. After my 1 lonely sunflower sprouted it managed to drop its seeds and now I have 5 sunflower plants growning beautifully!!

So to re-cap I have:

-4 tomato plants
-2 hot pepper plants
-1 okra plant
-4 sugar pea plants
-1 onion
-5 sunflowers
-numerous chamomile plants (the girlies don’t like chamomile tea but I do, so I’m super excited over producing my own chamomile tea!)

In other gardening related news, there is a mountain lion on the loose here in our county.

As I was out in the garden watering/checking on things I heard rustling from the nearby bush. Not sure what it was I carefully approached the area; taking caution in case it was the mountain lion. Then I saw it, that recognizable color of a mountain lion.

Could it be? A mountain lion in my yard?

Nope! Just my dog who likes to hide in the bushes.

Edited to add:
In all seriousness though, there really is a loose mountain lion roaming Stark County; mainly up where my Mom, brother, sis-in-law, and little nephew live. And we live about 25 minutes south of them but still Thing 2 will not go outside even for a second!! I really hope they capture this mountain lion and return it back to the zoo……for safety reasons as well as the sake of my 6 year old babe who is terrified of outside now! 


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  • 1. Amber  |  July 23, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Great idea to use the lattice and AWESOME find (the concrete block)!!! How exciting was that?!

    • 2. multicrafty  |  July 23, 2011 at 12:46 pm

      Ha yea, I could not believe it after I cleaned it all up. Perfect little accent piece to my garden. If we ever move from here, I do think I’ll have to take it with me…..the whole “finders keepers” rule, I believe, comes into effect here. 😉


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