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merry making

Oh the holidays…..bitter sweet they are. With the rush rush of making gifts, obligatory family photo shoots, and more cookies to eat and make can make one’s head feel in a tizzy.

After we had put up our Christmas decorations, I had announced that I wanted our Christmas 2010 family photo.

To my dismay…..many groans and moans came to which I replied that it was Christmas and you have to take your photo in front of the tree.

I should add that, while getting the tripod and lighting just right, the natives were putting on quite the show. But what sort of family photo would it be without the outtakes?

But eventually this Mama got her way, and our Christmas 2010 family photo was taken….but I seem to like the outtakes better….really captures the character of our house this time of year.

And in other merry making news, I completed both of the girls’ Christmas presents. Very simple, small little handmade gifts that both of them will love surely.

K has been wanting a handmade scarf for quite sometime……but scarfs are not quite my forte. So browsing Ravelry and my stash of knitting/crochet books, I found the perfect scarf for her that I know she will love. She is at that pre-teen age where some scarf patterns are too old for her and others seem to be to simple and plain.

When I located the Garden Scarf pattern from the book Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller, I knew it would be perfect for her. It is fun and whimsical and (I think) age appropriate for a pre-teen gal who is coming into her own style. I will show full photos after it has been gifted.

And for Miss L….well…..the bunnies seem to be multiplying around here. She loves bunnies! Loves them! So I have been trying to add to her collection of bunnies. To start her off in a little bunny family of Mama made bunnies, I made her one…..and it is so precious! I cannot wait for her to open it and love it as much as she loves her other bunnies. And again, I will show fully photos after the bunny has been gifted.

One thought that occured to me with K’s scarf is that as she grows or request the scarf to be longer, I can make and add on more flowers.

Merry Christmas!!!


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purple haze

This weather has been funky! Last week beautiful, Spring-y, warm, and bike riding. This week, rained all weekend long and is a high of 40 and hazey, very hazey. But it is the perfect weather for a handknit cardigan made especially for my purple loving little babe.

(she just can’t resist her funny faces)

Pattern: Seamless Raglan Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Source: Knitting Workshop (along with the video that was really helpful considering it has been a while since my last bottom’s up sweater – really need to rent the DVD from the library again, I love the way she carries herself and speaks about knitting)
Yarn: The beautiful and softest wool that also goes by Malabrigo Worsted in Holly Hock
Skeins: 2 full skeins for the body and sleeves, part of skein #3 for the remaining of the yoke and button band
Started: February 14, 2010 (when we had 3 feet of snow on the ground)
Finished: March 13, 2010 (no snow, but a lot of mud and rain)
Mods: Not a sweater, obviously. No steeking as I am not ready for that. So I worked back and forth knitting and purling and got this cardigan done in just under a month.
Notes: Loooooove this sweater. Buttons are from my Grandma that she sent my way after cleaning out her sewing room. And the upside, I purchased 5 skeins of Malabrigo not knowing exactly how much yarn I was going to use for the sweater, so I have plenty left for a few more EZ patterns……woohoo! Also, my first time working with Malabrigo and I now know why the group is called Malabrigo Junkies. This stuff is freakin’ awesome with a cherry on top! Blocks beautifully and smells wonderful when washed in Eucalan Lavender.

And the hat……that was “made” by Miss L. herself. A while ago I had given her this drawstring bag (which now that I read that post, I see that I should have stuck with making it a hat). Well, she came out of her room one day and asked if I wanted to see what she made. “Of course” I said. And she whips out this little thing. She took out the drawstring out, placed it on her head, and calls it a hat. It does actually fit her and gets more use as a hat than a drawstring bag. Good work Spiderman! Good work!

(she calls this one her “Spiderman” pose)


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some winter warmth

Seems rather silly doesn’t it, the start of one season and I am already talking about another. I like to plan ahead I guess.

Don’t think my little hiatus meant I was not crafting. Oh no! A lot of winter knitting has been keeping me busy. Not really sure if I have mentioned it here before but, I am self-taught at everything (even my parenting).

Back in 2006, I taught myself how to crochet, and then while browsing for crochet patterns; I kept stumbling across knitting patterns. Getting frustrated that all these appealing knit patterns kept making their way to my saved folder on the computer; I bought some needles and learned how to knit at a Stitch n Bitch group in early 2007.

One would think that crocheting would be the one I’d scamper to when I have the urge to make something, but knitting is in my heart. Crocheting still has its appeal to me, but I cannot oppose to the sound of the aluminum clicking between my fingers.

So earlier this summer, I was leafing through the ever addicting Ravelry and came across some fresh ideas to start my winter knitting. After all, I need to start early to keep my family warm during our cold Ohio winters.



Pattern: Mountain Nights Toque (link opens in a new window)
Source: BohoKnits (have a look around her blog, she has a lot of amazing…FREE!…patterns)
Yarn: 1.25 skeins of Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Wisteria
Needles: Size 6 and size 7
Mods: Lots of mods. This pattern called for bulky weight yarn and add in the fact that I making it for a child size noggin. CO 88 sts on size 6 needles, knit for 3″ then switched to size 7, knit for 6.5″ from cast on before starting decreases. Fits L. perfectly (love when I do mods and they come out right the first time!!)




Pattern: Girls Cap Sleeved Spring Shirt (or as L. calls it “The Perfectly Purple Playground Top”)
Source: Soulful Hues Etsy Shop (the pattern use to be free when only one size was available, that was when I downloaded it)
Yarn: 1.5 skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Orchid
Needles: Size 6 for ribbing, switched to size 8 for body
Mods: None really, followed JCHandmade mods for the sleeves (Ravelry Link)




Pattern: Thorpe
Source: Through the Loops
Yarn: 1.2 skeins of RYC Alpaca Soft in Old Rose (looove this yarn! So soft and knits up beautifully!!!) and 0.5 skein of Knit Picks Crayon in Kingfisher (Eh! Not crazy about that yarn)
Needles: Size 9
Mods: The only mod was I knit for 5.5″ from top before starting garter stitch brim. And added a funky pompom!!
Overall, this hat is my favorite handknit item I have ever made!! I have never made a pompom before (I found a tutorial video on how to make pompoms but can’t remember the link right now). It is beautiful and it fits K. perfectly (and I don’t mean size wise, I mean it fits her fun and funky personality).


Last but not least is a granny square afghan I have been working on. Eleven squares down, many more to go. There are so many stunning granny square afghans out there. Not just in the blogging world mind you, but at thrift stores and flea markets as well. Temptation has struck me every time I think of purchasing such a handmade item. But with some stains, some overpriced, and knowing that more than a few of them are made out of scratchy acrylic, I decided that making one for our living room would be the best way to go.

I love granny square afghans, I love all the color that goes into them, and I love how each block is different, and yet they all go together in the end. The pattern is not really anything big. Just a basic granny square block that could be found for free anywhere I am sure. I have the book “99 Granny Squares to Crochet” and in there is a basic granny square pattern. Only that pattern required you to make some chain loops every other round. Seemed rather pointless to do that extra work, not to mention use up that extra yarn. So, I will take my granny square afghan day by day and square by square. Hoping that by the end of this year, my family and I will have a little handmade goodness to wrap ourselves up in when watching movies or reading books. After all, here in Ohio, winter may last until April or May. 

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Red is one of my all time (secret) favorite colors.  Alot of people say that red is an angry color, but it’s also a passionate color.  This past week while I had a sick kid on the couch, I sat and worked on some of my projects.  One of them being this little crocheted pouch.  It was originally suppose to be a hat but half way through I wanted to see if it would work out to be a drawstring bag. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to line the thing so I can actually use it without things poking out at me.

Made from 1 skein of Knit Picks Cotlin in Moroccan Red and size H crochet hook.  A simple project that starts out with a single crochet bottom and then double crocheting until I was content (actually, almost ran out of yarn).

The draw string part is just made from a chain (can’t remember exactly how long, I think it was when I ran out yarn) and then added some little beads for the ends.

I’ll try and work out (remember how I did it) the pattern this week and post it up here.  In fact, I’ve been trying to get more of my own patterns/projects gathered up to post on here.  It just takes some time.

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The knitting break

K.’s little cardigan project is coming along very nicely.  But it is still just that straight knitting that is driving me bonkers.  So I’ve set it aside for just a bit (as I did with L.’s pullover) and found a quick, simple, instant gratification project.

L. is really starting to outgrow her other slippers that she has and being a crafty mom, there is no excuse as to why my child shouldn’t have some handmade slippers.  Of course L. is happy with them because they are purple.  And FYI, I should’ve washed them first then gave them to her because when she took them off, her little feet had lovely purple fuzz all over them.



The pattern I used came from My Longest Years blog called the “in a jiffy slippers” and they definetly were done in a jiffy.  YAY!  Yarn is Lily Sugar ‘n Cream that I got from Pat Catan’s whose knows when and used size G crochet hook.  Mods, added one more increase row and then just kept crocheting until the piece was the length of L.’s foot.  Also, added a little strap and button because they kept slipping off her feet when I was trying to find contrasting scrap yarn.  Overall, I’m very happy I got my “instant gratification” project and L.’s happy because now she has some “perfectly purple” slippers to run this house with.

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FO – Hand dyed yarn

Yesterday I dyed some yarn using the Knit Picks Bare Superwash Merino/Nylon yarn I had ordered. After figuring out how I wanted the yarn, I got right to work. At first I was going to have 3 colors in the skein but last minute decided that two would be enough. Using some Kool-Aid, I used 3 packets for the orange (wish I would’ve used another packet or 2) and 3 packets of LemonAid and 1 packet of Lemon-Lime for the green. It took me longer to prepare the yarn than it did to dye it. Lucky for me, the girls were more interested in playing than helping me. I could just see James coming home to an orange and green kitchen.

All skeined up
Using my daughters chairs I prepared my yarn into 2 skeins. Wrapping the yarn around each “section” a few times then going up to the next “section”.
The green section took right to the dye and while it still came out with that “hand dyed splotchyness” (which I love) it still looks great. The orange however, some really absorbed the dye and some parts didn’t. It still looks nice though, I just would’ve liked it a little more solid. There’s always next time though.
Hanging to dry
Then of course hanging it up to dry is always the part that I hate because I want to play with it, knit it up, see exactly how it looks. But patiently I waited (and waited) then finally got too impatient and placed it over my heating vent in the kitchen. K. and L. kept going in there smelling it. (Yes, which brings me to a point to get across, children do not understand why you would want to soak yarn in a sugary goodness drink mix. While they did think that it was cool they were both just puzzled by what I was doing. hhhmmmmm…………and they wonder why I hardly ever make this stuff for them and make them drink milk, water, fruit juices and occassionally a soda or two.)
This morning it was all fully dryed and ready for me to wind it all up. It does look really pretty and I can’t wait to knit it up to see exactly how it’ll look. I’m thinking (finally) the Jaywalker pattern would be great for these. We’ll see.
FO - Hand Dyed with Kool-Aid Yarn

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A new project for the New Year

(I missed by own blog-aversary. On January 1, 2007 I started my blog and posted my very first project. It’s hard to believe that in just one year, I taught myself how to knit and how to sew. Wonder what 2008 has in store for me?)

One thing that I’ve always wanted to do was make an afghan. My Mom has made baby afghans for her friends grandchildren, baby size afghans for both my girls, and when her and my Dad were first married (and had no $$$) she made afghans to give to both of her sisters for Christmas one year. I’ve had this book Afghans by the Pound for quite sometime now with (very) good intentions of making an afghan from it. I kept putting it off for one reason or another thinking that it was to big of a project for me. My Mom and I went shopping at JoAnn’s last Friday and she purchased yarn to make the (very beautiful) Ocean Waves Throw and I guess that’s what kicked this project in gear.

New project for the New Year

I’m making both of my girls an afghan and if it takes me all year or a month, I will be very happy that I decided to tackle this project. K.’s afghan is the Striped Shells pattern from Afghans by the Pound and being that I’ve always wanted to make an afghan of granny squares I figured I would make L.’s afghan using the basic granny square pattern from Crochet Today!. Also, I’m working (or trying to) on both afghans at the same time so hopefully I will get them done around the same time. That way it doesn’t end up that one girl gets hers and the other has to wait for months or a year to get hers.

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