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There is a project I have been working on for over 2 months now. Well, not really working steadily on it for 2 months, I lost my knitting mojo and am getting it back.

Over the Summer, we received the Boden/johnnie b. catalog in the mail. The girls looove to go through this expensive catalog and circle things that they would like (or even tape the cute doggy photos on their wall). Tall one is finally able to fit into some of Johnnie B.’s clothing and, when she saw a certain hat in the catalog, asked if I could re-create it for her…..only in gray.

After glancing at the johnnie b. hat, it seemed pretty easy……basic ribbing, some seed stitch, and a very basic cable pattern mixed with stockinette panels….seems simple!

Until I was half way done with the damn hat (3 cable repeats in) and realized that I seemed to have forgotten how much cabling pulls in fabric. I thought it would be alright and asked Tall One to try it on……oh what a mess!!! It did not look good at all. So I ripped it out, restarted the damn hat with a few extra stitches and got up until I needed to start the cabling (again). Then it sat for the rest of August and all of September until Tall One asked me how the progress was coming on her hat (actually read: she hadn’t seen me working on it for a while so wanted to know what the hold up was).


I re-worked the math to accomodate a cabling/stockinette panel pattern that I thought would look nice and sat steadily working on it every night for a whole week (1 cable repeat per night after the kids go to bed). She absolutely loooves it!!!

And honestly, I am glad that it is done! The knitting part was super easy, it’s the math and ensuring everything will flow together that is the complicated part.

It is really cute on her and the neatest part of it, the top of it looks similar to a flower (photo below does not show off flowery detail all that well).

*Note:* The hat is knitted up using Lion Brand Wool-Ease in colorway Gray Heather. I am thinking of writing up a pattern, or at least some notes, if anyone would be interested in making his/her own. The notes/pattern would be offered up for free because technically, this is someone else’s design and it would be wrong for me to make $$$ off of selling the pattern. **

And since my last post in July, I wish I could say that I have been knitting away, but that is not the truth. Hot Ohio humidity and knitting do not mix and then I went through some personal stuff that put my knitting on hold until Tall One had asked about her project at the beginning of October and my knitting mojo is back in full force!!

Tall One’s hat in progress (the second go ’round) and a new project (rav link) I’m working on for baby girl…..cannot wait until hers is complete because it is ssssoooooo soft!!!

Feels good to be back behind those knitting needles again…..oh how they’ve missed me 😉


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knitting and knitting related goods


In my last post I stated that my gardening neighbor gave me a tomato plant. Incidentally I had gone to the library earlier that day and loaned the book Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines. I instantly fell in love with the Mitered Hanging Towel and began knitting away at it when I returned home; making it just for the sake of making something. Later that very evening was when my neighbor gave me the tomato plants and that was when I knew who I was making this very towel for. As a little “thank you” for her generousity.

*photo taken using the Instagram app…… that app!

I managed to finish the Mitered Hanging Towel that evening after all was quiet in the house (i.e. the girlies are having a Harry Potter marathon in preparation for the big premier this coming Friday!) using Mirasol Yarn Samp’a in colorway #092 and Louisa Harding Nautical Cotton in colorway naut-18. Ironically, the Mirasol yarn looks as though it was dyed using tomatoes which I thought was fitting after I decided I would make this for my neighbor. All other details on my Ravelry page here. Oh, and the button, cannot remember where it came from. Probably from a thrift store/antique store bulk button purchase sometime ago but I thought it matched the finished project pretty well and I was happy with the overall outcome.

::knitting related goods::

Has anyone ever flipped through a Lion Brand catalog and fell in love with the little knitting displays they come up with?

Personally I love them! Then again, I love photos of knitting or people knitting (call me weird…its alright).

Flipping through the catalog a while ago I remembered I had some frames stored away. I picked these two photos from the catalog because they each had no advertising and very little wording. The girls thought it was pretty cool and even James said they look nice (after mocking me….with love….that our house is turning into a mod podge of “grandma’s attic” and yarn shops….and the problem is!?) I have two more pieces of knitting related artwork that truly deserve their own post. I first need to find the perfect displaying spot.

And just recently I purchased a yarn bowl from a local pottery artist. I am in looove with it and it really does help when I unwind yarn. No more rolling across the floor gathering dog hair, playdough, or dirt!! (The yarn, not me….that would be awkward!)

And lastly, I am anxiously waiting for August/Fall 2011 to arrive so two awesome new patterns can be in my possession. Of course this all means I am capable of finding not only the time to knit myself to items but also the right yarn to fall into my lap.

The first piece (above) is the Hawkmoth Pullover by designer Debbie O’Neill (ravelry link) which is coming out in the Fall 2011 KnitScene magazine and the second item is the Pioneer Shawl by Kristin Spurkland of Hei There Krissy. I absolutely love this shawl and think it would be great for layering in those cold winter months or simply wearing it as part of your wardrobe. Also, make sure you check out some of Kristin’s other designs……beautiful! (ravelry link)

Whew! That was a lot for one post but there are so many good things to share I cannot keep it all in.

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long time….no post!

First of all, let me greatly apologize for the very long blog abscence. There has been a lot of things happening around our neck of the woods that either, good or bad, have kept me away from photographing, blogging, or sharing words.

Secondly, I know that there has been a slight demand for a hat pattern and, sadly to say, my computer sucks and ate the majority of my documents/notes through a major upgrade! (Currently looking into a MAC……actually really looking into a MAC!!!!)

To start off, the Chunky Brimster (going on my very vague rememberance of what I did exactly) can work with any gauge yarn as it is really just a basic hat/beanie pattern. The brim part of the hat was (to accomplish the result that I was looking for) worked with short rows as a separate piece. I simply casted on the number of stitches I thought would make for a nice size brim (going on 100% complete personal taste) on the hat and work short rows until I was happy with it. Picture the beginning of a toe-up sock but instead smooshed and stitched to the front of a basic beanie/hat pattern. It really is easy and, for those that know how to do short rows, should be fairly simple (I believe for a chunky weight yarn I casted on 28-30 sts and worked short rows until I had 8-9 live stitches then worked back picking up my wrapped stitches. If you do not know how to work short rows, I highly recommend you learn because it is a skill that comes in handy rather working socks or adding a few extra rows to the collar of a sweater, the body of a hat…as seen on Melissa’s hat, or to the bust section of a sweater. Please believe me that when I say a self-taught knitter such as myself can learn short rows….anybody can learn short rows…YouTube it and you’ll find lots of helpful resources!)

Other than a crashed computer, I have been knitting lots and lots to try and keep on top of my “self promoting” hat sales as well as try and get into some craft shows. Luckily since it is Spring and Summer here in Ohio, I can play a little catch up and slowly add to my “knitting 4 sale” collection…though the girls have not been very happy with this as this is usually when I begin working on their stuff for the upcoming Autumn/Winter. Yes, Ohio sees at least 5-6 months of cold weather/snowy season when you really begin to think about it.

On the upside though, I have been trying to do a little “personal” knitting and found a beautiful hat pattern that I couldn’t help but cast on for once I realized I had the right weight of yarn.

(proudly modeled by Thing 2 who thought it was so cool the pattern actually said to block over a soccer ball. Seriously! To be a kid again and find the smallest things amusing!)

Pattern: Scallop Lace Hat by Leah Coccari-Swift (free pattern on Ravelry!!)
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino in Peacock (beautiful blue-ish teal color as seen in photo of Thing 2 holding the hat blockin soccer ball)
Mods: None! Worked pattern as written!
And yes, I did hack off all my hair…..part of living with the Ohio Summer humidity/wavy thick mess I have.

On the upside of everything, the girlies and I have been enjoying our Summer with graduation parties, swimming, visiting friends, and relaxing with our days. Due to the fact that my girlies go to public school and work around a “schedule”, when Summer comes, I let them be free  to do what they want (though bedtime is still re-inforced just a little bit later for Summer hours and our Library card never tires).

June 22, 2011 at 11:47 pm 2 comments

coming soon to knitting needles near you

I’ve been on a huge movie kick lately, so I apologize for the silly blog post title.

The pattern (in the process of transferring notes into an actual “user friendly” pattern) is super easy!! For those of us who wear glasses in the rainy/snowy months. Or because you just want a stylish hat.

Hopefully later this week I will have the **FREE** pattern all finished and available for download!

March 7, 2011 at 1:40 pm 2 comments

mitts & music


After the snow has finally melted and Spring is just around the corner, I finally found time to make myself a new pair of fingerless mitts. And oh I love them so much!!! My other pair got killed in the line of duty one night while bowling down some empty whiskey bottles with friends.

For Christmas, I made both my Mom and my brother’s wife a pair of Camp Out Fingerless Mitts by tante ehm. Both of these ladies would swoon over their mitts each time I seen them and rub in my face exclaim how nice it is to drive with them. While I was driving around in a dollar store pair of gloves that not only sucked but were ugly.

So I fixed my little dilemma this past week and (finally) got around to making myself a pair using Patons Classic Wool in both Chestnut Tweed and orange (lost the ball band to know the color). My only mod, which is the same on my Mom’s and my brother’s wife, is that I knit until I was at the wrist then worked 2″ of 2×2 ribbing.

Much better!! I absolutely love this pattern as well as how the mitts fit!


There is a band that has been blaring in my headphones and that is The Black Keys which started out locally in Akron, Ohio (just a 40 minute drive north of us!!) Unlike my Mazzy Star, I have a hard time picking a favorite song from this band…..which is a good thing because all their songs are awesome!!! Though there song Howlin’ For You is usually the first song I play before others.

Highly suggest looking into them.

February 20, 2011 at 12:23 pm 2 comments

winter blahs

This weather is really taking a toll on me.

I was fine with winter, the snow, and of course the season of wool meaning that all my favorite handknitted items were placed on the girls, James, and I. Smiling as my girls bickered in the morning over who gets to wear what Mama Made hat to school (all hand knitted items have become “grab bag” style, whoever wants to wear it can wear it….unless its James…..he likes black….uck!)

Then the ice storm came last week, which knocked out our power and left us with hats, scarves, sweaters, and slippers wearing indoors. INDOORS!!

As I was leaving my mother-in-law’s house, ensuring she was okay with no power, I slipped and fell right on my arse. It was at this point that I told winter to f**k off! And that I wasn’t going to let him get the best of me. So I matched my knitting to the weather outside….gray.

My opinion was that a nice gray wool shawl was in order to combat the winter blahs. The pattern, textured shawl recipe, is a dream to knit! The textured stitch is soothing to the angst of waiting for Spring to arrive. Hand knitted in Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted that was recently purchased from my LYS on size 10 needles and it makes for a pretty quick project. All other notes on my Ravelry page. I should mention that not only is Lanaloft a very nice yarn to knit with, it blocks and washes really well (and smells really sheepy too….I love that smell!).

In other winter blah news…

I have been dreaming of Spring time hairstyles. You know, the types of hairstyle that don’t get smooshed or messed up by a hat.

Baby girl and I have opted for anything involving braids. Hers was done by simply dividing the hair into four sections, braiding each section, then bringing them all to the back and using bobby pins to hold in place. Mine was done by simply parting my hair on the side, french braiding it down to the nape of the neck and placing that in a ponytail. The rest of my hair was brought over to the side and placed in a ponytail with the first ponytail only using a second ponytail holder so the braid doesn’t come out. Used bobby pins to pin the hair up in a messy sort of style (still need to work on that part).

I think I can get through the rest of this winter……with more knitting and more Spring time hairstyles of course!

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Knockin’ Me Sideways ~Free Pattern~

Now that the holiday madness busy-ness is over, I can finally settle back into my routine of knitting. The girlies were off school for two whole weeks and we had a lot of fun being together. But I forgot what a strain it took on my knitting and found myself falling asleep at night trying to sneak in a few rows.

In between the Christmas festivities and preparing for New Years, I dreamed of working up a hat pattern only approaching it from a different angle.

Enter Knockin’ Me Sideways:

So you’re probably wondering why the name Knockin’ Me Sideways. Well, for 1) I am always bad at coming up with names….it took me all 9 months to finally decide on each of my girlies’ names…..2) the hat is finished off with a sideways garter stitch border (which I first learned about from Elizabeth Zimmermann) and 3) in honor of the Citizen Cope song Sideways which James says makes him think of me when he first started falling for me.

Knockin’ Me Sideways is a rather simple pattern to execute. Begins at the top on DPNs, increase out for the body, some mindless knitting, then a sideways garter stitch border. The upside to this hat, I had 2 beautiful brass buttons that a crafting friend of mine gave me that match the look of the hat perfectly. The downside to this hat, I had only 2 beautiful brass buttons that a crafting friend of mine gave me that match the look of the hat perfectly and enough yarn to re-create one for myself. But sadly it is up for sale in my friend’s local shop.

*MC 1 skein Lion Brand Wool Ease in Gold (197 yds) 80% acrylic 20% wool
*CC Roughly half a skein of Patons Classic Wool Tweeds in Chestnut Tweed (223 yds.) 90% wool 7$ acrylic 3% rayon
*Size 7 DPNs
*16″ circulars in US sizes 6 and 7
*1 size 6 DPN (for sideways garter stitch border)
*2 buttons
*Stitch marker(s) (for marking increases if you so choose, it makes it easier for me since I am constantly picking up and setting down my knitting mid rounds)
*Yarn Needle for seaming
*2 point protectors

——->Available as a  FREE DOWNLOAD Knockin Me Sideways!! <———

**Queue it on Ravelry!**

Gauge: 4.5 sts = 1″ on size 7 needles

 Disclaimer: The small print that nobody wants to read but you really should because there is valuable information. DO NOT!!! Sell this pattern, it is my pattern and will bring you bad karma if you do sell this pattern (besides, not cool to pass off someone else’ work as your own). However, and this is where the fun is, you have my blessing to sell items made from this pattern. As a “thank you” for taking time to enjoy my pattern, and for your hard work.

As how my other two patterns are set up, the PDF file is set up so that the pattern is on the second page with only one photo on the second page to save both printer ink as well as paper.

The above photo is what the sideways garter stitch border will begin to look like. Do not be put off by this technique, it is very easy and very addicting. Also, I should note that, while I used a sl1 k1 psso for decrease, you may very well use a k2tog. Either way produces the same results.

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