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I’ve been on a huge movie kick lately, so I apologize for the silly blog post title.

The pattern (in the process of transferring notes into an actual “user friendly” pattern) is super easy!! For those of us who wear glasses in the rainy/snowy months. Or because you just want a stylish hat.

Hopefully later this week I will have the **FREE** pattern all finished and available for download!


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mitts & music


After the snow has finally melted and Spring is just around the corner, I finally found time to make myself a new pair of fingerless mitts. And oh I love them so much!!! My other pair got killed in the line of duty one night while bowling down some empty whiskey bottles with friends.

For Christmas, I made both my Mom and my brother’s wife a pair of Camp Out Fingerless Mitts by tante ehm. Both of these ladies would swoon over their mitts each time I seen them and rub in my face exclaim how nice it is to drive with them. While I was driving around in a dollar store pair of gloves that not only sucked but were ugly.

So I fixed my little dilemma this past week and (finally) got around to making myself a pair using Patons Classic Wool in both Chestnut Tweed and orange (lost the ball band to know the color). My only mod, which is the same on my Mom’s and my brother’s wife, is that I knit until I was at the wrist then worked 2″ of 2×2 ribbing.

Much better!! I absolutely love this pattern as well as how the mitts fit!


There is a band that has been blaring in my headphones and that is The Black Keys which started out locally in Akron, Ohio (just a 40 minute drive north of us!!) Unlike my Mazzy Star, I have a hard time picking a favorite song from this band…..which is a good thing because all their songs are awesome!!! Though there song Howlin’ For You is usually the first song I play before others.

Highly suggest looking into them.

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winter blahs

This weather is really taking a toll on me.

I was fine with winter, the snow, and of course the season of wool meaning that all my favorite handknitted items were placed on the girls, James, and I. Smiling as my girls bickered in the morning over who gets to wear what Mama Made hat to school (all hand knitted items have become “grab bag” style, whoever wants to wear it can wear it….unless its James…..he likes black….uck!)

Then the ice storm came last week, which knocked out our power and left us with hats, scarves, sweaters, and slippers wearing indoors. INDOORS!!

As I was leaving my mother-in-law’s house, ensuring she was okay with no power, I slipped and fell right on my arse. It was at this point that I told winter to f**k off! And that I wasn’t going to let him get the best of me. So I matched my knitting to the weather outside….gray.

My opinion was that a nice gray wool shawl was in order to combat the winter blahs. The pattern, textured shawl recipe, is a dream to knit! The textured stitch is soothing to the angst of waiting for Spring to arrive. Hand knitted in Brown Sheep Lanaloft Worsted that was recently purchased from my LYS on size 10 needles and it makes for a pretty quick project. All other notes on my Ravelry page. I should mention that not only is Lanaloft a very nice yarn to knit with, it blocks and washes really well (and smells really sheepy too….I love that smell!).

In other winter blah news…

I have been dreaming of Spring time hairstyles. You know, the types of hairstyle that don’t get smooshed or messed up by a hat.

Baby girl and I have opted for anything involving braids. Hers was done by simply dividing the hair into four sections, braiding each section, then bringing them all to the back and using bobby pins to hold in place. Mine was done by simply parting my hair on the side, french braiding it down to the nape of the neck and placing that in a ponytail. The rest of my hair was brought over to the side and placed in a ponytail with the first ponytail only using a second ponytail holder so the braid doesn’t come out. Used bobby pins to pin the hair up in a messy sort of style (still need to work on that part).

I think I can get through the rest of this winter……with more knitting and more Spring time hairstyles of course!

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Knockin’ Me Sideways ~Free Pattern~

Now that the holiday madness busy-ness is over, I can finally settle back into my routine of knitting. The girlies were off school for two whole weeks and we had a lot of fun being together. But I forgot what a strain it took on my knitting and found myself falling asleep at night trying to sneak in a few rows.

In between the Christmas festivities and preparing for New Years, I dreamed of working up a hat pattern only approaching it from a different angle.

Enter Knockin’ Me Sideways:

So you’re probably wondering why the name Knockin’ Me Sideways. Well, for 1) I am always bad at coming up with names….it took me all 9 months to finally decide on each of my girlies’ names…..2) the hat is finished off with a sideways garter stitch border (which I first learned about from Elizabeth Zimmermann) and 3) in honor of the Citizen Cope song Sideways which James says makes him think of me when he first started falling for me.

Knockin’ Me Sideways is a rather simple pattern to execute. Begins at the top on DPNs, increase out for the body, some mindless knitting, then a sideways garter stitch border. The upside to this hat, I had 2 beautiful brass buttons that a crafting friend of mine gave me that match the look of the hat perfectly. The downside to this hat, I had only 2 beautiful brass buttons that a crafting friend of mine gave me that match the look of the hat perfectly and enough yarn to re-create one for myself. But sadly it is up for sale in my friend’s local shop.

*MC 1 skein Lion Brand Wool Ease in Gold (197 yds) 80% acrylic 20% wool
*CC Roughly half a skein of Patons Classic Wool Tweeds in Chestnut Tweed (223 yds.) 90% wool 7$ acrylic 3% rayon
*Size 7 DPNs
*16″ circulars in US sizes 6 and 7
*1 size 6 DPN (for sideways garter stitch border)
*2 buttons
*Stitch marker(s) (for marking increases if you so choose, it makes it easier for me since I am constantly picking up and setting down my knitting mid rounds)
*Yarn Needle for seaming
*2 point protectors

——->Available as a  FREE DOWNLOAD Knockin Me Sideways!! <———

**Queue it on Ravelry!**

Gauge: 4.5 sts = 1″ on size 7 needles

 Disclaimer: The small print that nobody wants to read but you really should because there is valuable information. DO NOT!!! Sell this pattern, it is my pattern and will bring you bad karma if you do sell this pattern (besides, not cool to pass off someone else’ work as your own). However, and this is where the fun is, you have my blessing to sell items made from this pattern. As a “thank you” for taking time to enjoy my pattern, and for your hard work.

As how my other two patterns are set up, the PDF file is set up so that the pattern is on the second page with only one photo on the second page to save both printer ink as well as paper.

The above photo is what the sideways garter stitch border will begin to look like. Do not be put off by this technique, it is very easy and very addicting. Also, I should note that, while I used a sl1 k1 psso for decrease, you may very well use a k2tog. Either way produces the same results.

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FO’s in time for the holidays

As my crazy hat making endeavor is still progressing, a friend of mine approached me about making him a Santa hat. I got really excited as I have never 1) made that style of hat, and 2) never made a Santa hat….so I thought it would be fun to make a Santa hat.

After browsing for just the right pattern (that did not require the use of that fur yarn that is suppose to be fun) I discovered Knit Santa Hat by Edie Eckman via Coats & Clark website. It was just what I was looking for as well as the pom-pom coming down to the right length as my friend requested.

(very proudly modeled by Thing 1 and Thing 2)

Pattern: Knit Santa Hat by Edie Eckman
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Cranberry and Patons Divine in White
Needles: Size 8 for the body and Size 7 for the white brim
Mods: The Patons  Divine is a nice soft yarn that produced the fuzziness I was looking for but a nuisance to knit with. Not to mention that originally I worked 2×2 ribbing and it made the hat come out huuuuuuge! The Patons Divine DOES NOT! frog very well (unless you have a glass of wine and scissors) so I ended up having to cut it out. I re-picked up the Cranberry stitches and (with the Divine yarn) began working decreases going from 92 sts down to 72 sts. Continued knitting (as that seems to be what was working for this mischievious yarn) for 6″ then BO on size 8 needles. So all in all, with the pom-pom, my first attempt at the fuzzy white brim, and second attempt at the fuzzy white brim I used 1 full skein of the Patons Divine.

(my poor first attempt WIP photo)

In the end, the Santa hat came out fantabulous and he absolutely looooves it!!  Now both of the girlies are requesting Santa hats be made for them.

In other FO news!!!! The most exciting news of all!!!!! More important that anything I have knitted, stitched, dyed, felted, glued, and glittered!!!! I am officially an Aunt!

My handsome little nephew arrived very safely into this world and straight into the loving arms of so many family and friends that will love him and spoil him to pieces. The girls are absolutely swooning over their little cousin and I am happy to sit back and watch my baby brother take on Fatherhood (so far he has been in for an interesting ride that included a change in diapering).

Two very good FO’s (though the nephew one by far out weighs the Santa hat).

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merry making

Oh the holidays…..bitter sweet they are. With the rush rush of making gifts, obligatory family photo shoots, and more cookies to eat and make can make one’s head feel in a tizzy.

After we had put up our Christmas decorations, I had announced that I wanted our Christmas 2010 family photo.

To my dismay…..many groans and moans came to which I replied that it was Christmas and you have to take your photo in front of the tree.

I should add that, while getting the tripod and lighting just right, the natives were putting on quite the show. But what sort of family photo would it be without the outtakes?

But eventually this Mama got her way, and our Christmas 2010 family photo was taken….but I seem to like the outtakes better….really captures the character of our house this time of year.

And in other merry making news, I completed both of the girls’ Christmas presents. Very simple, small little handmade gifts that both of them will love surely.

K has been wanting a handmade scarf for quite sometime……but scarfs are not quite my forte. So browsing Ravelry and my stash of knitting/crochet books, I found the perfect scarf for her that I know she will love. She is at that pre-teen age where some scarf patterns are too old for her and others seem to be to simple and plain.

When I located the Garden Scarf pattern from the book Happy Hooker by Debbie Stoller, I knew it would be perfect for her. It is fun and whimsical and (I think) age appropriate for a pre-teen gal who is coming into her own style. I will show full photos after it has been gifted.

And for Miss L….well…..the bunnies seem to be multiplying around here. She loves bunnies! Loves them! So I have been trying to add to her collection of bunnies. To start her off in a little bunny family of Mama made bunnies, I made her one…..and it is so precious! I cannot wait for her to open it and love it as much as she loves her other bunnies. And again, I will show fully photos after the bunny has been gifted.

One thought that occured to me with K’s scarf is that as she grows or request the scarf to be longer, I can make and add on more flowers.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Christmas Kick Off

Oh the holiday season…..sneaks up quite fast doesn’t it?

Seems right after the 4th of July it is time to start decorating for Christmas.

I love Christmas, it is my favorite holiday! And I love doing holiday activities to keep our spirits alive.

Last night James and I took the girlies to Light Up Downtown in our hometown Canton, Ohio. It was cold, so many people, and at the end of the night our noses looked liked Rudolph’s. But it was so much fun!!!

The streets were closed down and the girls loved it! Because when you are a child, you are told not to play out in the middle of the street. And we were dancing and playing out in the middle of the street.

(photo taken by James…..he’s getting good with my camera!)

Wool knitted hats, snow pants, scarves, mittens for the kittens, and hot chocolate kept us uber warm all evening.

Downtown Canton is really trying to put itself on the map through the Art District as well as super yummy pizza shops!

(finally played around with my camera to figure out night time photos sans flash)

And at the end of it all was a nice firework display

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