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There is a project I have been working on for over 2 months now. Well, not really working steadily on it for 2 months, I lost my knitting mojo and am getting it back.

Over the Summer, we received the Boden/johnnie b. catalog in the mail. The girls looove to go through this expensive catalog and circle things that they would like (or even tape the cute doggy photos on their wall). Tall one is finally able to fit into some of Johnnie B.’s clothing and, when she saw a certain hat in the catalog, asked if I could re-create it for her…..only in gray.

After glancing at the johnnie b. hat, it seemed pretty easy……basic ribbing, some seed stitch, and a very basic cable pattern mixed with stockinette panels….seems simple!

Until I was half way done with the damn hat (3 cable repeats in) and realized that I seemed to have forgotten how much cabling pulls in fabric. I thought it would be alright and asked Tall One to try it on……oh what a mess!!! It did not look good at all. So I ripped it out, restarted the damn hat with a few extra stitches and got up until I needed to start the cabling (again). Then it sat for the rest of August and all of September until Tall One asked me how the progress was coming on her hat (actually read: she hadn’t seen me working on it for a while so wanted to know what the hold up was).


I re-worked the math to accomodate a cabling/stockinette panel pattern that I thought would look nice and sat steadily working on it every night for a whole week (1 cable repeat per night after the kids go to bed). She absolutely loooves it!!!

And honestly, I am glad that it is done! The knitting part was super easy, it’s the math and ensuring everything will flow together that is the complicated part.

It is really cute on her and the neatest part of it, the top of it looks similar to a flower (photo below does not show off flowery detail all that well).

*Note:* The hat is knitted up using Lion Brand Wool-Ease in colorway Gray Heather. I am thinking of writing up a pattern, or at least some notes, if anyone would be interested in making his/her own. The notes/pattern would be offered up for free because technically, this is someone else’s design and it would be wrong for me to make $$$ off of selling the pattern. **

And since my last post in July, I wish I could say that I have been knitting away, but that is not the truth. Hot Ohio humidity and knitting do not mix and then I went through some personal stuff that put my knitting on hold until Tall One had asked about her project at the beginning of October and my knitting mojo is back in full force!!

Tall One’s hat in progress (the second go ’round) and a new project (rav link) I’m working on for baby girl…..cannot wait until hers is complete because it is ssssoooooo soft!!!

Feels good to be back behind those knitting needles again…..oh how they’ve missed me 😉


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  • 1. Gabriela - Living La Vida Normal  |  October 12, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    I would love to see the notes of your hat re-creation. It looks wonderful and I know someone who would love beautiful in a hat like that.


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